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Model of an superconducting quadrupole magnet, Copyright CERN

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EuCARD is a common venture of 37 European Accelerator Laboratories, Institutes, Universities and Industrial Partners involved in accelerator sciences and technologies. The project, initiated by ESGARD, is an Integrating Activity co-funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 for a duration of four years, starting April 1st, 2009.


21 June- Issue 6 of Accelerating News now published. See also the EuCARD newsletter archive.

30 April- The EuCARD2 project is to start on 1 May

8 April- Issue 5 of Accelerating News now published. See also the EuCARD newsletter archive.

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10-14 June 2013 EuCARD'13 event combined with Visions for the future of Particle Accelerators workshop, CERN, Switzerland

16-19 April 2013 SpaceCharge2013 CERN, Switzerland

4-5 April 2013 4th TLEP mini-workshop CERN, Switzerland

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Its main goal is to upgrade the large European research accelerators by R&D on innovative concepts and techniques, thereby offering researchers the best facilities. This common venture will strengthen durable collaboration among the partners and will contribute to the development of world-class infrastructures, one of the main features of the European Research Area. Read more»

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EuCARD has 38 partners across Europe
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EuCARD links with worldwide collaborations Read more» The publications, monograph booklets, deliverables & milestones Read more» Issue 6 of Accelerating News out now Read more»